Thursday, March 14, 2013

Medicaid Expansion

By James Babb

Medicaid Expansion

Governor Kasich is planning to expand Medicaid in Ohio. This will, of course, create more dependent Ohioans and cost taxpayers dearly, but there may be much more coming our way - from FreedomWorks:

“Obamacare was designed to push millions of Americans into one of the nation's most expensive and least effective entitlement programs, coercing states into compliance by making all federal Medicaid funding contingent on expanded eligibility. The Supreme Court's June 2012 ruling on the bill forbade Washington from cutting off existing funding to states that refuse to expand Medicaid, but Governor Kasich now aims to grow the program anyway.”

Some Perspective

According to the current Ohio budget, “Medicaid is the single-largest program in the state budget.”  The sum of healthcare programs total one-third of all spending.

Ohio’s ratio of takers (people collecting welfare, a government salary or a government pension) and makers (private sector employees) is 1:1, the 11th highest ratio of the states. - Forbes

From the Heritage Foundation:

  •  Ohio is one of 25 states planning to expand Medicaid
  • 40 of 50 states are projected to see increases in costs due to the Medicaid expansion
  • The cost to Ohio will be $3.1 billion through 2022
Even if we succeed in defunding and reversing Obamacare, we still have this to deal with.

Take Action

  • Our state representative is on the Finance and Appropriations committee. Contact Representative Cliff Rosenberger, email or phone (614) 466-3506 and ask that the budget not include an expansion of Medicaid.
  • Inform Kasich and the people that we do not support expanding Medicaid. The Cincinnati Tea Party held a Stop Kasich Rally on Monday outside the Duke Energy Center while Governor Kasich was the keynote speaker inside at the Hamilton County Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner. 
  • Share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with the Tea Party.  Leave a comment below using your blog or OpenID account.


  1. Thanks for writing this, James!

  2. Submitted today, via e-mail:

    The Honorable Cliff Rosenberger,

    I am a constituent from southern Clinton County writing in regards to Governor Kasich’s proposal to expand Medicaid. Should this expansion take place, it will have a significant impact on the role of Obamacare, the number of dependent Ohioans, and the budget. As a member of the Finance and Appropriations committee, I hope you will give this significant consideration.

    The federal government’s Medicaid funding is contingent on expanding Obamacare eligibility. This is the sort of back handed trap often associated with Federal handouts. Obamacare is an obscene power grab by the government, and a topic I cannot possibly describe in this letter.

    Forbes has declared Ohio a “Death Spiral State!” Our ratio of takers to makers is 1:1, the 11th highest of the states. We cannot afford to make this any worse. []

    Medicaid is already the single largest program in the state budget. Although the federal government claims to be funding this expansion of Medicaid, Ohio will still be responsible for associated liabilities such as Obamacare. The Heritage Foundation says, “The cost to Ohio will be $3.1 billion through 2022.” []

    As self-described “believe[r] in a limited government and ... an advocate for conservative policy,” I hope I can count on you to stand against Gov. Kasich’s progressive agenda. Please fight to keep the Medicaid expansion out of the Ohio Budget.


    James Babb